Nurturing Cannabis Knowledge – Cultivation, Healthcare and Advocacy

Welcome to my cannabis-orientated website, based here in Spain. I delve into a wide range of topics related to hemp and cannabis, and its various applications, particularly related to health.

From informative articles on cultivation techniques and technology to in-depth discussions about the health benefits of 'medical marijuana', this website aims to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why listen to me? 

With my extensive experience in the hemp and cannabis industry over 30 years or so, I've become a trusted figure in the scene, more of an advocate and business entrepreneur as opposed to an outright activist.

I'm able to offer my experiences to individuals and businesses, often consulting on projects, creating cultivation and hemp farming plans and overseeing new cannabis or hemp projects, pretty much the world over in recent years. 

You can read more about my medical cannabis journey or connect on one of the social channels.

Exploring the World of Cannabis: Insights, Cultivation and Healthcare Applications

 With a focus on the Spanish context, I explore a little of the legal framework surrounding growing cannabis in Spain; discussing the latest developments, regulations, and policies that impact both patients and cultivators.

In addition to cannabis growing and methods of consumption, I suspect I will also occasionally share posts about our pet animals; 🙂 As an animal lover, it's important to acknowledge the profound connection between humans and animals, and even how they can benefit from alternative natural treatments such as CBD.

I will also probably touch upon topics such as sustainability and organic farming and the occasional product or service review.

Through engaging and informative content, I aim to empower you with accurate information, dispel myths surrounding medical marijuana, and promote a responsible and safe approach to its use. 

Remember, the information shared on this website is for educational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions related to using cannabis as medicine.

I hope you find the content valuable and informative. Feel free to explore the articles and share your thoughts and experiences through comments and discussions on social channels.

Together, let's contribute to a better understanding of cannabis and its potential for positive change, in Spain and beyond.


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