Cannabis Seeds

There have also been enormous changes in the last 5 years or so, particularly within the breeders niche and I really need to re-evaluate our stance.

It still makes sense, both emotionally and financially to work with regular seeds. If I am purchasing strains/seeds then Fems generally cost me 3 times the price of regulars so if you have the space then there is only one option. Adding the average better vigour and potential freak great pheno to the equation then that cements that view.

I have some great stock still and will grow some out myself and hopefully for the association but if anyone is interested in bulk orders then give us a shout. You can see the types of stock I use over on Classic Cannabis Strains and their Medicinal Uses blog page. Also my thoughts on Spanish landraces

In the mean time, to order commercially packaged seeds, I can recommend trying outany banners i am using as I only useadverts from partnerships 🙂


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